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The Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Wrocław is a well-recognised scientific unit offering studies in ten innovative and multidisciplinary specialisations. Graduating from the English-language studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Political Science (BA or MA), Global Studies (BA or MA), European Studies (MA), Global Communication (MA), Intercultural Mediation (MA), or in the Doctoral School of Philosophy, Sociology or Political and Administrative Sciences will provide opportunities to work in public institutions at the national and international level, governmental and non-governmental organisations, international trade, business, multinational corporations, media, etc. Our graduates are specialists, business advisers, analysts, experts, journalists, employees of international organisations, officials, politicians and other professionals highly valued on the market.

You may choose from 10 innovative and multidisciplinary specialities in the scope of social sciences

Are you interested in contemporary politics, international relations, sociology, philosophy, economics, law, the functioning of states and economic systems, social process or globalisation? You may prepare your programme independently by choosing optional subjects and benefit from open participation in lectures at each speciality. Complete your knowledge with topics you are especially interested in!

One semester abroad with a scholarship guaranteed

Studying in Poland, you have the opportunity to make use of the extraordinary possibilities within Erasmus+, a European programme. At each speciality offered by our university, you may benefit from the option of an international exchange and spend a semester at a another European university or apply for a 5-month internship. Each student has a scholarship guaranteed under the Erasmus+ programme.

Intensive development also outside the walls of the university

Studies in Wrocław, the fourth largest city of Poland, provide many opportunities for development outside the walls of the university. Dozens of branches of the largest international corporations operate on the local market. You may do your internship in such companies as Google, EY, McKinsey, Credit Suisse, UBS, BNY Mellon, IBM, Deloitte, HP, Capgemini, Volkswagen Motor, LG, and many others. Also, many diplomatic representations and European Union institutions have their offices here – for example the Representation of the European Parliament and the Regional Representation of the European Commission.

Receptive labour market

Unemployment in Wrocław is one of the lowest in Poland and Europe at only 1.9%. Companies operating on the local market are continuously searching for employees with a good command of foreign languages and work experience gained in foreign countries. Wrocław could be not only a place of studies for you, but also the place of your future professional career!

Support in adjusting to a new environment

Is it your first stay abroad on your own? Have you never lived in Europe before? Going to another country to study can be a very exciting and challenging experience. That is why we will not leave you alone. Our cooperation with the NOMADA association, which deals with social integration, provides support for students while they adapt to a new environment. Moreover, in the case of any difficulties and problems, you may turn to the coordinator of your speciality, who will answer all your questions. Coordinators are available on a regular basis during weekly consultations.

Join an international football team

Do you like sport and active lifestyle? Studying at the Faculty of Social Sciences gives the opportunity to join the football team of the Political Science speciality at the University of Wrocław, which occasionally plays matches with representations of other Polish and foreign universities.

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