Have you chosen your major yet? Do you want to apply?

Before you start to fill in the application, see the full list of university admission criteria, get to know what documents are required and how to pay the enrolment fee. It will facilitate your application process.

Full university admission criteria

Formal requirements, deadlines which must be met, required documents, etc.: you will find all information on how to enrol in English-language studies at the University of Wrocław here. LINK

Necessary documents

You must attach to your application a number of documents, e.g. certificates of the completion of previous education stages, transcription of records, CV, letter of motivation, photo, and in the case of some specialties, even a letter of recommendation or draft research project. Check which documents to prepare for your application! LINK

Language requirements

Programmes offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences are English-language studies. If English is not your native language and was not the language of the lectures at your previous education stage, you must submit a certificate confirming your knowledge of English at an appropriate level. Learn more about the confirmation of your English language knowledge. The requirements are the same for all specialties. LINK

Admission procedure step by step

Learn about each step of the admission procedure beginning from the completion of the online application. When can you expect the information about admission? When do you have to pay tuition fees? Etc. LINK

Tuition fees

The English-language studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences are payable. Find the name of your specialty (the list in not in alphabetical order) and check fees for each year of studies LINK.

After receiving the information about admission, you must make the payment for the first year of studies in advance within a maximum of 4 weeks from the acceptance of the offer submitted to you. Under the table with tuition fees, you will find the information about our reimbursement policy, i.e. in which cases you may expect the reimbursement of these fees if you are not able to start studies.

Do you need a visa?

A person who needs a visa will receive from our university a letter of support. The letter will be issued after you receive the information that you have been admitted to studies. We submit an offer for you, which you will accept, and our bank account is credited with the payment for the first year of your studies. The faster you make the payment, the faster you will receive the letter from our university and be able to start the visa procedure.

The recruitment system for the upcoming academic year 2023/2024 is already open.

If you are a foreigner and you do not have the PESEL number, click here.

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