PhD Programme in Sociology

Director: prof. Katarzyna Kajdanek
Secretary of the Admission Committee: dr Łukasz Moll

About the programme

Are you fascinated by social phenomena – both those occurring between people and groups, and the most complex phenomena in which the main role is played by large organisations, states and nations? Do you want to learn how to notice, study, understand and explain them? Do you dream of an academic career in an international environment?

An education at the Doctoral College of Sociology is a good choice for people who are fascinated by sociology and who want to develop themselves by carrying out their own research in this area. The main component of this programme is the PhD students’ own research, constituting the basis for their PhD dissertation.

In addition, PhD students participate in classes which develop competencies in the scope of the methodology of science and social research, classical and contemporary theoretical concepts of social sciences, as well as tools of academic work. Classes are aimed at deepening knowledge and skills necessary for carrying out independent scientific work in the international environment.

The programme also assumes the promotion of mobility at the international level and within the university between disciplines. PhD students have the opportunity to take part in several-month foreign research and scientific internships. All students of the School receive a guaranteed scholarship.

Education at the Doctoral College of Sociology is a ticket to the fascinating academic career at research and teaching positions. The PhD degree also can also led to a career outside the teaching sector, for example in public institutions, opinion and market surveys, non-governmental organisations, management and others.

About the Doctoral College

The Doctoral College of Sociology is a part of Doctoral School at the University of Wrocław. The seminars within the Doctoral College are carried out by highly qualified academic staff affiliated to the  Faculty of Social Sciences and the Institute of Sociology of the University of Wroclaw. The Institute of Sociology is one of the largest scientific and research institutes of this kind in Poland. We are part of the University of Wrocław, which last year was the winner of the “Excellence Initiative – Research University” competition organised by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

We offer the opportunity to attend classes run by outstanding specialists, both researchers and practitioners, in such fields as sociology of work, social psychology, migration studies, border studies, urban and rural sociology, and sociology of gender. Students are supported in conducting research and pursuing their own interests. They will also have individual consultations with lecturers and support in planning and developing their careers.

Candidate’s profile

The Doctoral College of Sociology is looking for individuals oriented toward the development of an academic career in the international environment, open to new scientific challenges, and determined to carry out top-quality research in the scope of sociology and other social sciences. We expect that candidates have a Master’s diploma (or an equivalent degree) in social or human sciences, a confirmed, very good command of English and general knowledge of sociology.

Candidates for the Doctoral College of Sociology must take an oral exam, during which they discuss with the commission the draft PhD project and present basic knowledge of the subject. The admission to the School takes place on the basis of the assessment of the project, oral exam and previous scientific activities. The commission accepts candidates with the best results, who obtained the specific minimum number of points in the recruitment procedure.

Find out more about the rules of admission to the Doctoral School of Sociology


During studies at the Doctoral College of Sociology you do not choose a specialisation. The educational profile is determined by the chosen research topic and the individual research programme is developed in cooperation with the adviser. You establish your programme by selecting courses which best fit your interests.


The educational plan is prepared individually in cooperation with advisers. PhD students participate in speciality courses on classical sociological theories, key concepts of the latest research in sociology and selected monographic lectures. The programme also comprises practical classes, such as methodological subjects, the ethics of carrying out research, writing scientific texts, preparing a research project, obtaining resources for research and teaching at a higher school.

However, PhD students spend most of the time on their own research and the preparation of scientific publications connected with their PhD dissertation. The education ends with the submission and defence of the PhD dissertation.

Full list of courses and the description of the programme

Workshops, internships, conferences

Within the education at the Doctoral College of Sociology, PhD students take active part in teaching and organisational activities of the Institute. Teaching activities are treated as professional practice – PhD students run their own classes or participate in classes run by another academic teacher.

Moreover, they are obliged to take active part in scientific conferences, research symposia, guest lectures and summer schools. They also have the opportunity to participate in research and teaching internships. Internships are financed from the Erasmus+ and other programmes, giving each PhD student the opportunity to spend one or two semesters at a foreign university of their choice (from universities with which the Institute has signed an agreement).


After graduating from the Doctoral College of Sociology at the University of Wrocław and defending the PhD dissertation, you will obtain the PhD degree in sociology.

Details concerning the application process

Students who are Polish citizens (with a PESEL number) register in the IRK system

Students who are not Polish citizens (without a PESEL number) register in the IRC system

In order to register, it is necessary to create an account in the recruitment system and to fill in the application form online.

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