PhD Programme in Philosophy

Director: prof. Marek Magdziak Secretary of the Admission Committee: dr Urszula Lisowska

About the programme

Are you fascinated by the history of philosophical thought, social philosophy, philosophy of science, philosophical anthropology and perhaps philosophy of image and visual communication? Do you have basic knowledge of these fields of science and want to deepen it within your own research? Or are you fascinated by ideas of particular philosophers and willing to devote your time to critical studies on their achievements to find out what we may learn from them?

An education at the Doctoral College of Philosophy is a good choice for those who want to translate their passion for philosophy into scientific research. The four-year programme is based on the implementation of an individual research project and active participation in scientific life and teaching work. As a PhD student, you are treated as a young researcher. You work at your own pace on the implementation of your PhD project under the professional supervision of your adviser.

Your main task is an independent scientific development and you will draw inspiration for it from participation in lectures and classes offered at the Faculty of Social Sciences. As a young researcher, you take active part in scientific conferences, research symposia and international scientific exchanges. During these studies, you prepare your own publications in the form of articles for journals and books and conference papers. However, you are primarily focused on the preparation of your PhD dissertation.

Graduating from the Doctoral College of Philosophy at the Doctoral School of the University of Wrocław is a jump-start to an academic career – both in the role of a researcher and a lecturer. A PhD degree in philosophy also makes you an attractive candidate qualified for work in cultural institutions, non-governmental organisations, think tanks, publishing houses and the creative sector. Graduates of the Doctoral College of Philosophy have comprehensive human knowledge and an unconventional way of thinking, facilitating their career path in labour market.

About the Doctoral College

The Doctoral College of Philosophy is a part of the Doctoral School of the University of Wrocław. The seminars within the Doctoral College are carried out by highly qualified academic staff affiliated to the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Institute of Philosophy. Institute of Philosophy is one of the largest scientific research institutes of this kind in Poland. We are part of the University of Wrocław, which last year was the winner of the “Excellence Initiative – Research University” competition organised by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

We specialise in research on the history of philosophy, as well as individual philosophical sub-disciplines – both theoretical ones (ontology, epistemology, philosophy of nature, philosophy of mind, logic) and practical ones (ethics, aesthetics, philosophy of politics, philosophical anthropology, philosophy of economics).

We offer the opportunity to attend classes run by outstanding experts in selected fields, both researchers and practitioners, as well as opportunities to participate in international exchanges and research projects. PhD students are supported in conducting their own research and pursuing their own interests. They can also have individual consultations with lecturers, support in planning and development of their career and a number of popularising initiatives (meetings organised by the Wrocław Branch of the Polish Scientific Society, Philosophical Tuesdays and Wrocławska Wszechnica Filozoficzna).

Students also have the opportunity to become part of the circulation of scientific articles, publishing their papers in a bilingual peer-reviewed journal from the list of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, called Studia Philosophica Wratislaviensia.

Candidate’s profile

You are fascinated by philosophy and have an idea for research in this scope. You have a Master’s diploma in any speciality (it does not have to be philosophy). You have a good command of English (level B2) and have a certificate confirming your skills (FCE, IELTS score of 5.5 – 6, TOEFL score of 550, BEC Vantage or other exam; this requirement does not apply to candidates who completed their previous studies in English or English is their native language).

Candidates for the Doctoral College of Philosophy must also take an oral exam. During this exam, the candidate discusses with the commission their PhD project and presents basic knowledge of philosophy. Passing this qualification procedure gives you the admission into the study programme, with a guaranteed scholarship for each participant.

Find out more about the rules of admission to the Doctoral School of Philosophy of the University of Wrocław


During studies at the Doctoral College of Philosophy you do not choose a specialisation. In cooperation with your adviser, you specify and implement the topic of your PhD dissertation. Classes offered within the programme support you in your independent research.


PhD students are treated as young researchers. They participate in speciality courses on practical philosophy, ontology, epistemology, logic as well as in selected monographic lectures. The programmes also include workshops and conversational classes, such as critical analysis of historical sources, methodological subjects and ethics in scientific research.

The curriculum also includes classes which will equip you with skills necessary for scientific work, such as teaching, writing scientific texts, preparing a research project or obtaining resources for research. The PhD student’s eduction ends with the submission and defence of a PhD dissertation.

Full list of courses

Workshops, internships, conferences

PhD students take active part in the Institute’s teaching activities and scientific conferences as well as benefit from international exchanges by participating in foreign research and teaching internships. Internships are financed from the Erasmus+ and other programmes, giving each PhD student the opportunity to spend one or two semesters at a foreign university of their choice (universities with which the Institute has signed an agreement). Teaching classes at the Institute of Philosophy are treated as professional practice and comprise from 15 to 60 hours a year (as of the second year of the studies).


After graduating from the Doctoral College of Philosophy at the University of Wrocław and defending your PhD dissertation, you will obtain the PhD degree in philosophy.

Details concerning the application process

Students who are Polish citizens (with a PESEL number) register in the IRK system

Students who are not Polish citizens (without a PESEL number) register in the IRC system

In order to register, it is necessary to create an account in the recruitment system and to fill in the application form online.

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