Global Communication

Coordinator: dr Urszula Lisowska

About the programme

Are you interested in media and communication, the functioning of global business and the world of politics? Are you fascinated by the media, journalism, relations in business and public diplomacy? Global Communication is a unique course regarding communication from the global perspective. During these studies, you will get to know specific features of global companies’ corporate communication and the essence of international political communication and the international institutions.

The two-year interdisciplinary Global Communication programme combines knowledge from such disciplines as political science, international relations, media and communication. It is the only programme of this type in Poland.

In order to understand the context of contemporary communication, you will participate in classes on the development of international relations and the functioning of global business. If you want to start your career in foreign service, you will be able to choose classes on public diplomacy, whereas the theoretical and practical public relations course will prepare you for work in business, public administration or non-profit organisations.

We will introduce you into the foundations of communication management, also in crisis situations. You will gain basic skills in the scope of developing communication strategies, branding, managing the media, carrying out information campaigns and verifying information sources. Global Communication will prepare you for work in the media, business, public relations agencies, non-governmental organisations and public sector.

An internship during these studies is not obligatory, but the labour market in Wrocław will provide you with plenty of opportunities in this area. We will also encourage you to participate in the Erasmus+ programme, which makes it possible to do a foreign internship or to spend one semester at a foreign university.

About the Institute

The Global Communication studies are offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Wrocław. The Faculty of Social Sciences is one of the largest scientific research institutes of this kind in Poland. We are part of the University of Wrocław, which last year was the winner of the “Excellence Initiative – Research University” competition organised by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

We offer the opportunity to attend classes run by outstanding experts, both researchers and practitioners, in such fields as political science, international relations, communication, sociology, philosophy, European studies, media studies and journalism. Students are supported in conducting research and pursuing their own interests. They will also have individual consultations with lecturers and support in planning and developing their careers.

Candidate’s profile

You are interested in global, corporate, strategic, political or crisis communication. You would like to get to know the essence of public relations and the functioning of the world of diplomacy. You want to deepen your knowledge in one of the following three areas: public diplomacy, media, and development or public relations or corporate communication.

You have graduated from a Bachelor’s programme such as international relations, political science, sociology, philosophy, journalism and communication, or other related disciplines of social sciences. You have a good command of English (level B2) and have a certificate confirming your skills (IELTS score of 5.5 – 6, TOEFL score of 550 or other exam; this requirement does not apply to candidates who completed an English-language Bachelor Programme or English is their native language).

The Global Communication programme constitutes two-year supplementary Master’s degree studies. It is open to Polish citizens, citizens of other member states of the European Union and non-EU candidates. There are no age limits.

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In Global Communication, you do not choose a specialisation, but starting with the first semester you will be able to choose subjects pursuant to your interests. 


The Global Communication programme focuses on deepening knowledge of social communication in the global perspective. Students take part in such courses as global media, international studies, media analysis, global business, public relations, media law, human rights, public diplomacy, crisis communication, strategic communication, corporate communication, etc. Some classes, e.g. creative writing, marketing course or media analysis, are very practical. Education ends with the defence of an MA thesis.

Full list of courses

Descriptions of subjects

Workshops, internships, conferences

Students of Global Communication have the opportunity to participate in international student exchanges and foreign internships within the Erasmus+ programme as well as numerous bilateral agreements with world-class universities. Each student has a scholarship guaranteed under the Erasmus+ programme.

Students may also take part in summer schools organised by the University of Wrocław and other European universities, as well as in international scientific conferences organised by universities and professional organisations. They may participate in lectures and classes run by lecturers visiting our university within the Visiting Professors programme and in activities of student scientific organisations.

In the inter-semester period, they have the opportunity to do an internship in international companies operating on the local market, organisations (e.g. the representation of the European Parliament, diplomatic representations, commercial and economic chambers, etc.) or think tanks. Students apply for internships on their own.


After graduating from the Global Communication speciality at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Wrocław, you will obtain a Master’s diploma Global Communication (Master of Global Communication).

Details concerning the application process

Students who are Polish nationals (with a PESEL number) register in the IRK system

Students who are not Polish nationals (without a PESEL number) register in the IRC system

In order to register, it is necessary to create an account in the recruitment system and to fill in the application form online.

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