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Prof. Beata Ociepka

Author of the programme and lecturer, MA in Global Communication

Prof. Beata Ociepka

Author of the programme and lecturer, MA in Global Communication

“While studying Global Communication, students learn how to find a path in the communication chaos. We should not understand chaos in a negative way but rather as a plenty of opportunities we can choose from. Studying prepares us to deal with the plenty and to learn, how to take reasonable decisions.”

For the last 20 years, my research has been focused on public diplomacy and the attempts of the governments to provide countries with more international visibility. It is fascinating to observe the way in which countries and other international stakeholders communicate globally. 

My latest research is devoted to cultural diplomacy, specifically the analysis of cultural events organised by the Member States of the European Union in Russia during the war in eastern Ukraine. It was very interesting to see how Member States of the European Union celebrated cultural events in Russia, imposing at the same time sanctions on the country. I presented the results of my research during the International Studies Association Convention in Toronto in 2019 and at the Congress of the Polish Association of Social Communication in Warsaw.  

One of my recent books entitled “Poland’s New Ways of Public Diplomacy”, published by Peter Lang in 2017, is focused on public diplomacy developed after 2004 to strengthen Poland’s international position.  

I work at the Institute of International Studies at the University of Wrocław and I am the author of the Global Communication studies programme. 
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Do you want to learn more about my research? I recommend some of my recently published articles: 

“A New Brand for Postcommunist Europe”

“(Un)successful years: EU countries’ Cultural Diplomacy with Russian Federation”

“Conceptualizing Media Events within the Context of Cultural Diplomacy”

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